Harri Horsley is currently a 3rd-year MFA Costume Design candidate at the University of Texas with a  BFA in Design/Technology from Kent State University. Harri is a 2nd generation Afro Costa Rican-American that was raised in Dallas, Texas, which is where they lived for 12 years. They then moved to Chicago, Illinois which is where they currently reside primarily with their family. Since setting off in the arts, Harri has worked professionally at acclaimed theatre companies like, Broadway Costumes (Chicago), Porthouse Theatre, and the Williamstown Theatre Festival.  Harri believes that education should constantly flow in art so artists can evolve seamlessly. Currently and in the future, Harri strives to refine their technology skills in draping, tailoring, millinery, crocheting, beading, embroidery, Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and as well as their costume design and illustration skills. Harri has been named the recipient of the 2020 Judy Dearing Award by the Black Theatre Network for their work in Costume Design. Harri's favorite things to do are eating Portillo's Italian Beefs, reading a really well written book, and playing with their dog, Harper, a Giant Schnoodle puppy. 



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